Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello world

I was about ten years old that I got interested in both fantasy and science fiction stuff. Can't realy remember what was the first book that I read of either genre. Yet I do recall that Stanislaw Lems "Solaris" was one of the first books if not the very first. It's difficult to remember such things after so many years have passed.
I'm a sailor and I do spend a lot of time on boring activities or just thinking about stuff.
This way I made up some stuff for my mate that runs this blog.
Some of them even got expanded in one way or another.
Well, anyways about the purpose of this blog.
I'm not a writer and I don't like the stuff that I write. It all feals like horseshit to me so usually I just drop whatever comes out of my head.
Yet I'm told that some of my stuff is pretty cool.
The main idea was to post and expand things that I come up with.
Dunno, maybe I'll even open up new blogs to expand some of them if they'll be good enough.
We'll see about that.

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