Saturday, March 17, 2012

Got to start with something

A couple of days ago I came up with a game that works in a way similiar to Lady Blackbird.
Can't recall how is this type of rpg called or why but who cares?
Anyways it's still a work in progress kind of thing.

The idea is based upon the principle that humanity does not learn anything from its past.
This will be about slavery, slave labour and civil disobedience against the majority that is used to live an easy life surrounded by servants.

In the not so distant future, as it usually happens, there was a great tragedy.
Humanity was yet again struck by a threat so potent that it had almost wiped us from the face of Earth.
Maybe it was a disease, a giant flood or even a celestial phenomenon that caused all what happened.
Doesn't really matter. We prevailed and our planet, overpopulated at that time, was once again a rather quiet place.
Main problem was that there was so few of us and the availability of a decent workforce was really scarce.
Thinking rationaly everybody would say "build machines that would make what we need!". Well wrong.
That would require someone to assemble an army of robots and thats just plain boring.
What did humanity do then?
They started to grow a new workforce. Thanks to genetic engineering and all that scientific mumbo jumbo.
Swaths of land that were previously unusable got transformed into enourmous fields of raddish like growths in which actual people were grown later to be harvested, thought basic communication and which side to hold a shovel or other kind of tool. 
The field grown humans are a stronger and tougher breed yet they were genetically programmed to obey their masters.
It was all supposed to be a temporary sollution but as it usually happens - humans got used to a sittuation that they have time to pursue other acctivities and don't have to trouble themselves with hard work.
Thus temporary changed into permanent and humanity was happy.
The clones didn't need much but still were given less than they needed.
They were exploited in many ways. They were not thought of as humans. More like things that can be easilly replaced or removed if faulty or damaged.
They were the workers on the streets, they were servants in the houses.
They built their great cities of glass and steel.
They watched children grow, they grew food for their masters and they were compliant.
Some humans were against it but their voices were easily silenced by those that had real power over the population. People were threatened and harassed. Some were even sent to jail.
Things changed when one of the clones rebelled and said no to the wrongs and abuse. His genetic programming failed after many years and changed many things.
The world of the future is a totalitarian regime driven by an idea to rebuild. Everybody must comply or could have serious problems with the authorities so you can imagine what happened.
Searches, pogroms of those less compliant slaves and other nasty stories.
Some ran away into the wilds their conditioning failing under huge stress, some died killed by their own.
Most of the humans never heard of that but some did.

I have no idea so far what I'm gonna do with this or what should be role of the characters/players/bots but I think that it would be best if they were a part of the resistance.

As I mentioned - still under development.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Mr. Wright. Look forward to see what you have to share.

  2. That would be loads of barely understandable crap but I hope that maybe some of it would be worth the effort of digging through it :)