Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantasy rednecks

A couple of days ago I've seen a certain movie and it got my kinda inspired.
I presume that at least some of you have, in one way or another, came across stories of palladins, valiant knights, damsels in distress, evil dark lords and their cruel, brutish and mostly rather stupid minions.
Imagine such a world.
Totaly impractical armour and weaponry. Epic magicks. Rich and naive kingdoms and their loyal folk.
Threats such as scheaming warlords. Terrible beings of the underworld.
Dragons. No high fantasy world can go without these great lizards that fly around burning villages and villagers alike and kidnap beautifull and innocent maidens for reasons unknown.
Well anyway you get the point, right?
Idiots on both sides.
Now add some characters that don't give a crap about all that nicenes around them or being valliant and have a tendency to exploit the stupidity of both sides.
These are the player characters in this world.
They can lie their way out of loads of thinks as people would generally believe them and they can get their asses out of harms way by just letting the evil bastard in a funky suit of black armour tell exactly how is he going to kill them.
Just like in James Bond movies. 
Cages slowly descending into a lake of lava or a pit filled with acid... or a piranha pond! You name it.
They might not be the most badass heroes in the world with deeds unimaginable but they will be able to run away from danger and maybe even get famous or do something right instead of being a bunch of self centered wankers.
Doing the right thing usually comes with getting rich as hell so the players would get some incentive in case they don't want to go and save that god damn princess or slay that dragon.
The naivety of the valliant good guys along with the stupidity of the bad guys would be in serious trouble.
This is most likely just another idea that will get abandonned so feel free to use it as you wish.

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