Monday, April 16, 2012

History is written by the victor.

First post after a couple of weeks.
Well, I didn't say there will be daily updates.

Saw a picture of a band of goblin "adventurers" the other day and an idea came into my mind.
Well, I believe that many of you thought about a kind of a world where the bad guys were the good guys and such stuff.
Brave and wise goblins fight against the corrupt and oppressive realms of humans, scheaming, treacherous elves wielding mighty magicks and paranoid, crazed dwarfs who drove out the greenskins from their homeland and changed them into fortresses.

The main idea behind this post is "why are typical fantasy bad guys bad?".
Well, many times over it is explained by simple "they want war", "they crave blood" and other.
In some cases it's ok. But sometimes I stumble upon a setting where it is explained so poorly that it is possible that the world shown is epic bullshit and everything is the other way around and the bad guys are just retaliating for the wrongs they witnessed.

Goblins are the small and clever ones. Once they ruled in peace over their underground realms. Trying to resolve problems with diplomacy until the dwarfs came and begun their diplomatic process by beheading the goblin envoys.
Orks are the brute strength of the green, not too bright though . They are a separate race of the green kind. Lived a nomadic life, herding boar like animals which they now use as mounts.
Trolls, the terribly smelling, beasts of the deep woods. Privately looners, poets and artisans without peer even amongst the "civilized" races.

Now all three races live on swamps, deserts, city sewers and other such places trying to survive on what they can find.

I think this would be good for a one off game. Not sure if anyone would like to play something so awkward. Usually players kill greenskins. Not play them.
Good for a boardgame. Maybe will do something in this direction.

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